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Termini e condizioni generali


I. About Us

These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Internet transfer tickets booking service determine the terms under which the provider of online booking platform, Nomago d.o.o., a limited liability company organised under the laws of the Republic of Slovenia, with its registered office at Vošnjakova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter Nomago) provides the service to its users (hereinafter the User) on its websites (hereinafter website) or on a Mobile application NomagoIntercityAPP (hereinafter APP). Nomago only provides an online platform  for the identification, comparison and purchase of transport services from different carriers (hereinafter the Carrier) offering transfer services. Accordingly, the contract of sale of services on the website/APP is strictly a bipartite contract between the User and the carrier listed on the website/APP and ticket.

These Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively to our services as an information source – searching, aggregating, discovering, connecting and booking.

We are currently in an early stage of developing our websites/APP and service. This means that we continually change and improve the service and websites/APP.

II. Terms and Conditions of Use

Together with our Privacy Policy, these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter T&C) govern the use of Nomago internet transfer ticket booking services and form the basis for the agreement between Nomago and the User. Nomago acts solely as a sales broker and it shall be deemed that a contract of carriage between the User and the Carrier as well is concluded by a successful payment transaction, after which the ticket and the invoice are submitted to the User from Nomago. Payment of the ticket shall be deemed to be unconditional acceptance of the Business Partner’s General Terms and Conditions of Transport by the User. Nomago has no influence on the content of the Business Partner’s General Terms and Conditions of Transport.

III. Online services offered by Nomago

a) Registration

You can create a Nomago account on a website/APP by entering your email address and selected password. Your personal data and booking information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Only legal adults and natural persons of full legal capacity may become registered users. The User must provide all required information in a complete and correct manner and, when necessary, provide updates. Registration is non-transferable.

Once registered, your account will be active for an indefinite period of time. Both the user and Nomago are entitled to terminate the account at any time by providing two days’ notice. The right to termination without notice for good cause remains unaffected.

 b) Online travel ticket purchase

On the website/APPthe User can buy a ticket online. It is considered that a purchase of ticket is concluded after a successful payment transaction, after which the ticket and the invoice are submitted to the User’s email address. In case the electronic payment is not completed, the purchase will be deleted.

After purchasing the ticket on the website/APP, the User will immediately receive a confirmation via e-mail containing the data of the order.

Nomago shall not be liable for failure or delay of performance of any of its obligations hereunder (ie. obligation of processing of the booking and payment of the bus service) if such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

The contract for performance of the bus transport service, purchased on the website/APP, is strictly a bipartite contract between the User and the bus carrier stated on the bus ticket. The contract with the carrier shall be deemed to have been concluded with the completion of the payment of the bus ticket. Accordingly Nomago shall not be liable for the performance of the bus transport service.

c) User`s obligation

The User is obliged to print out or save the ticket and invoice on a mobile phone or in APP, and bring it along. Upon boarding, the User is obliged to deliver the corresponding ticket to the driver and is required to keep the ticket and invoice during the entire journey and produce it for inspection when asked.

Purchased ticket is valid in printed and electronic form (e.g. mobile phone or NomagoIntercity APP), but the QR code has to be visible, so the driver is able to scan it).

If the User, having purchased a ticket online, chose some of the discounts (e.g. children or other discount available), upon entering the bus he is required to prove that he belongs to the discounted category he chose. If the User is not able to prove this, he is obliged to pay the full price of the ticket to the driver or the ticket is considered invalid and the User loses any right to a refund of the money paid for the ticket.

d) Transport service

The Transport service is provided by the bus carrier stated on the bus ticket, in case the route is operated by more carriers in co-operation, all carrier names will be stated on the ticket.

The Carrier provides transport services for the User and is therefore liable to perform service in accordance with the applicable law. With the conclusion of the contract with the carrier (Purchase of a ticket), the User is entitled to use transport services of the Carrier according to the booking carried out at website/APP.  Nomago cannot guarantee the proper fulfilment of the contract between the Customer and Carrier. The terms and conditions of the carrier operating the route apply for the transport service.

Nomago shall not be in any case liable or held responsible for the performance of the bus transport service and shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses on account of failure of unsufficient performance of the bus service. In its role as a online platform to facilitate transactions between the bus carriers and the Users, Nomago shall not be responsible for the operations of the bus carriers including, but not limited to the following: timely departure or arrival of the bus the conduct of bus operator’s employees, representatives; the condition of the bus; cancellation of the trip due to any reasons; loss or damage of the baggage; the bus carrier changing a customer’s seat for any reason whatsoever; bus carrier informing a wrong boarding point or changing such boarding point eventually with or without any notification to Nomago or the User; the services are not performed due to force majeure.

e) Changes by the carrier

Through frequent updates Nomago shall do its outmost to secure the correctness of the timetables online. However, we can not guarantee and we are not liable for the correctness of the given information and any action taken based on information found on the website/APP is your own responsibility. If you should have any doubts about which departure time to choose, please consult our helpdesk staff for advice.

The bus ticket which Nomago issues to a User is solely based on the information provided or updated by the bus carrier regarding the seat availability. The amenities, services, routes, fares, schedule, bus type, seat availability and any other details pertaining to the bus service are provided by the respective bus carrier and Nomago has no control over such information provided by the bus carrier.

Having purchased a ticket, the User accepts that minor changes in the timetable, e.g. in cases of delays due to traffic or other circumstances not caused by negligence of the carrier, might occur. In case of late departure or full bus, the carrier might re-book User to a later departure if such is available within a reasonable time frame from the original scheduled departure time. Delays in arrival time may occur, especially in periods with heavy traffic. In case of cancellation or delay,  General Terms and Conditions of the Carrier stated on the bus ticket apply.

Having purchased a ticket for a bus route including one or more border crossings, User is obligated to bring a valid passport and, if needed, a valid travel visa.

f) Purchased ticket re-booking and refund

Depending on the Carrier, different ways of re-bookings are available.

Cancellation or refund of online tickets can be made only visiting the cancellation page or by contacting the Service Center at e-mail : The conditions of carriage of the respective carrier will apply.

For re-booking or cancellation of the ticket, a person receives a discount code. The amount of refunded discount code depends on the cancellation scale of the respective  carrier.

g) Discount code

Discount code is issued as an exhange for a purchased ticket with the purpose of rebooking. This type of voucher is exclusively linked to the user account used during the initial ticket purchase. The usage of discount code is possible exclusively on the website/APP where the original purchase was made and can be used for transfers of the same Carrier as the original ticket.

h) Payment

Information on ticket prices are available on the website/APP.

Online travel tickets can be paid by the following cards or payment channels:

  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • PayPal

IV. Third Party Services

Our website/APP contain links to the websites of other providers that we do not operate or control and for which we are not responsible. We do not endorse the contents of these other websites nor are we responsible for the legality or function of these contents. Thus, we are not liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of these sites. We recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions of other (linked) websites with due care.

V. Contact Information / Notifications

Help us improve our service. We welcome your feedback, negative or positive, as well as any improvement suggestions. Leave comments, rate our service or for any additional questions please contact:

Nomago, d.o.o.
Vošnjakova ulica 3
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

VAT: 52398790

+3861 431 7777

VI. Changes to our Terms and Conditions of Use

Our service range will constantly keep expanding in the future. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify and amend these T&C at any time. If you do not agree with the changes in the T&C or with a particular clause, we ask that you discontinue the use of our services no later than the effectiveness of those changes.

Nomago can change these T&C according to its business politics.

These General terms are valid and apply starting  from 1.4.2021 and are available to the Users on

VII. Limitations

We make our website/APP and its respective functions available to Users; there is no entitlement to the provision of specific functions. We have the right to make changes to the content or functionality at any time (for example: through patches, updates or modifications). We do not guarantee the permanent availability of our website/APP. More specifically, technical problems that are outside of our control may lead to downtime. Website/APP maintenance may affect availability and will be carried out, when possible, with due care to prevent disruption. Proprietary rights and all other rights relating to the website/APP belong to Nomago.

VIII. Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy outlines the way in which we handle your data when you use our service. By using our website /APP you consent to the use of your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Nomago is committed to protect its Users’ personal data in a way that it collects only the necessary, basic information about Users/users that are necessary to fulfill our obligations. It is also committed to inform its Users about the way the collected data is used and to give Users a choice about the way of using their data including the decision whether or not they want to have their name removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user information provided will be kept strictly confidential and available only to those employees who need such information to perform their job. All employees of Nomago and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of the policy.

IX. Disclaimer

The content of this web site is available to the public for information purposes only. Nomago makes every reasonable effort to ensure that integrity and accuracy of information is current. Nomago reserves the right to change the content or functioning of this web site at any time and without prior notice. Nomago will not be liable or held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions or failure to post content on this web site. Such errors may be, but not exclusively, caused by human error data entry, printing, formatting or scanning. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Nomago be held liable for any damages, losses or expenses that may arise as a result of information and content featured on this web site. Nomago will not be liable or held responsible for the content of other websites linked to liable for any loss of data or income as a result. Furthermore, Nomago  assumes no responsibility for temporary unavailability of the web site that is caused by technical problems beyond the control of the Nomago.

X. Applicable law, jurisdiction, and dispute resolution

These T&C and the provision of our services as booking platform shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Slovenian law unless otherwise provided by the mandatory conflict of laws rules that mandate the application of a law other than the chosen law, despite a contractual choice of law clause. Any dispute arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services shall exclusively be submitted to the competent courts in Slovenia.

If any provision of these T&C is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and you will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these T&C.